Hello, these are the services I offer in this site:

• Can create designs for print ads (Flyers, Brochures, Posters, Tarpaulin, etc)
• Web design (Web banners, website ads, etc.)
• Logo design, or create a vector artworks, or trace designs from a scanned image.
• Can create simple 2d animations and animated GIFs
• Image cropping or image editing for Woocommerce or other related sites

Web Design:
• Creation of Mobile responsive sites using Bootstrap
• Coding as per web and proper SEO standards,
• Website design layout in Photoshop,
• PSD into XHTML, XHTML to Wordpress template,
• Creation of BBCODE ANN thread, Bounty page designs, and Signatures for forum like Bitcointalk.org

Web Administration / Webmaster tasks
• Wordpress installations. Wordpress Fix, 
• CSS Fix
• Removal of malwares
• Website maintenance, familiar with web host control panel like LXADMIN, CPANEL, DREAMHOST.. Also familiar in using PHPMyADMIN.
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